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Love Is Revolution

by Scott Pinkmountain

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My babe is like the night/ coal black stars for eyes Her full moon’s dark and distant/ hidden by a cloudy sky She's setting in the west/ coming to take me on home Her gown's the down white dawn/ her bridal is the sea's soft foam She's got the voice of the warm wind/ It recites the 7 psalms She dries out my oasis/ howls through my desert palms Diamonds in her fingers/ silver in her neck bone Her blood's Arabian mud/ and her heart’s a precious stone My babe she speaks in circles/she only moves in simple rhyme She whispers in broken patterns/she makes love in pantomime Her hands they cup the oceans/her fists beat volcanoes in the earth Rollin' in her arms/takes more out of me than what I'm worth My babe is like the night/coal black stars for eyes Her full moon’s dark and distant/hidden by a cloudy sky
I dream of shuttered windows on a burning house I dream I see you shadow in the flame Filling up my mouth with ash/So I can’t call your name I dream I close my eyes and turn away I find no absolution from my own hand I find no consolation in my own voice Quiet peaceful days I’m slowly/drowning on dry land I find no new direction [resolution?] in my own choice Sometimes I hear the water/sometimes I hear the wind Sometimes I watch the night’s slow song, and it carries me back again Sometimes I hear the lightning/while it’s laying down the law Sometimes I try to listen, and I don’t hear anything at all. What’s it gonna take to pound this broken blade What’s it gonna take to mend this steel A thousand generations/Of my memory slowly fade But what’s it gonna take to make me real I teach myself to hunt, but I can never make the kill I learn to feed myself and still I’m never full I was born with beating wings/but I’m right here laying still I’m an oxen to the plow but I refuse to pull Sometimes I hear the whisper/sometimes I feel the press Sometimes I pray for passage, sometimes I pray for rest Sometimes I hear the lightning/while it’s laying down the law Sometimes I try to listen, and I don’t hear anything at all. When will meaning ring again from these blank arms When’s this cold black water gonna leave my serpent heart I can swing a hammer lord/and I can cause false harm But when’s this ready body gonna play its part
Salvation 04:52
Feeling empty, and dawn refuse to come Can’t force the sun to rise, don’t wanna speed oblivion Cold dark morning, and you’re the only truth I wake alone again, that ought to be enough proof Dedication, don’t seem to cut it no more I got my hammer, I got my arms, but I got nothing to use ‘em for The light of desire, it turned the whole crop bad I’ve gotta fight to let go of things I never even had Salvation, gimme sweet salvation My body is a temple built out of rotten beams Salvation, gimme sweet salvation They say I’m staring at the truth but I don’t know what it means Winter settles in, it’s long from over yet The language of the shadow is spoken, on the streets - empty and wet The season is a requiem, another year come and gone Pried right outta my tight clenched fists, ain’t no one that strong. And I feel blind while meaning slips away I lean in for a closer look but the detail’s all gone gray I am only a man, drunk on the burden of eternity Like my father and his father before, I only dream about being free Salvation, gimme sweet salvation Faith is the hammer that’ll crush this heart of stone Salvation, gimme sweet salvation I’m willing to ask for your hand, I can’t do it alone I don’t believe in no miracle cure All I ask is that you ease the pain I don’t pretend my intentions are pure Please don’t let me struggle in vain I’m lying in bed with your name upon my breath I’ve been sleeping for years and years without a single night’s rest But I’m coming home, if there’s even such a thing And when I reach those open arms, I’m gonna drop to my knees and sing Salvation, I want sweet salvation Grant me the patience of a single grain of sand Salvation, gimme sweet salvation I wanna wake up and realize I been living in the Promised Land
But a Dream 06:58
Looks like you’re starting to cry Can’t help but wonder what’s the reason why Was it something I said Or can you hear my selfish voice inside your head? I wear my years like a crown Even when my kingdom is broken down And when I’m the only thing I see I measure you in what you do for me But I never set out to cause you no pain I never learned it was a virtue to show restraint I see you searching for what’s true to me I know I don’t make it easy to get through to me I gotta have the upper hand Even in your time of need, I still don’t understand I’m so well versed in all the rules of the game I’m sure to let you know again and again I can always beat you in any game of words But you know the truth is what you feel, not what you heard And look what winning has done for me What I’m willing to sacrifice for a petty victory. But if we can’t make it, there ain’t nobody that strong How do people carry on when two rights make a wrong? It’s true I don’t use you and I don’t beat you with these fists But that don’t make me a hero, don’t make me worthy of your gifts Let’s forget everything we know about being in love Hard as the notion might seem Mighty is the soul who can rise above All this life is but a dream I only want to give you what you gave Why’s it so hard for us to do what we both crave? Each night we feel our way through the dark Our bodies curled into a question mark But you mothers and fathers you can’t lead the way Your broken vows of empty words don’t leave us nothing to say There must be those among us who can show us how it’s done The binding of two hearts into one Let’s forget everything we know but being alive Hard as the notion might seem Mighty is the soul who can lift right up and fly All this life is but a dream
Rise In Love 07:42
I’ve been playin’ a sick man’s part, I’ve been living in another world My mind tapered down, razor sharp, it’s just a weapon to defend my desire Like waking up from a long nightmare, takes a minute just to comprehend I find I’m crippled but I don’t even care, we’re all carrying the sacred fire I was shut in, I was broken down, but I’ve been given another chance Lost my way and run aground, but look at where I washed ashore All the sounds been turned up loud, dark night is just the mistress of the dawn I see a parade where I once saw a crowd, this is what I’m living for I don’t think I’m gonna fall in love again No it doesn’t really seem that wise Next time love wanders into my life I’m gonna rise, rise, rise. As many trees upon the mountain/ as stars up in the sky Silver coins at the bottom of the fountain/to live is to try All I wanted was to be heard, just one voice above the rest But I went to sing and I couldn’t form a word, something choking me like a wire I believed that the privilege was mine, ‘til I was forced to hear another voice I finally learned after all this time, I’m lucky just to join in the choir But it ain’t a miracle, no it ain’t divine, it’s as simple as taking a breath Nothing’s lost, so there’s nothing to find, the fruit of the orchard hangs low The full sun it doesn’t have to burn, the full moon doesn’t have to blind There’s everything to gain, an infinity to learn, if I only could figure out how to let go I don’t think I’m gonna fall in love again No it doesn’t really seem that wise Next time love wanders into my life I’m gonna rise, rise, rise. As many trees upon the mountain/ as stars up in the sky Silver coins at the bottom of the fountain/to live is to try
I was driving home late last night Hit a child in the street, think I killed her I know where the lightning’s gonna land I see it coming down in great white sheets, I understand There’s a wolf lost from the hills out in the alphabet blocks Infants disappearing every night, I see it on the five’o’clock. When I think I might forget I drive out to the end of the pier. shadow in the passenger seat, I know you’re near. But Danny, Danny what have I done? They say the righteous, we must serve everyone Now I’m born to believe, but I won’t drop down to my knees Danny, don’t tell anyone. There’s something in the woods behind the park You used to shine with such a beauty, I could find you in the dark You’re crippled in this world if there’s one above you. Stick a needle through that demon heart if he claims he loves you They’re burning beasts where they stand out in the open fields It’s getting hard to separate the fable from the real. Blood in our veins it carries memory It’s the one last thing they’ll try to take away from me But Danny, Danny what have they done? I’m slipping through the cracks of this so-called civilization If I’m one of a kind, tell me why am I falling behind? Danny they got me on the run. Looks like there’s junkies in that old abandoned church They’re living life by bucket, blade and candle I try to think of them as real but it don’t always work Smaller things in this world I can’t handle Danny, Danny what have they done? How can I be sure the people know who’s really won? I remember what you said about how to wake the living through the dead It’s as clear to me as the rising sun.
I dreamt I wrote the perfect love song. It broke your heart open wide. And I awoke to the warmth of your breath. You were laying by my side. I couldn't tell if you were sleeping. I didn't want to wake you up, Because in my dream our love was perfect. I couldn't stand for that to stop. I can't always tell the difference between What I said to you, and what I said to you in a dream. Most of the time it doesn't matter. Either way, you know exactly what I mean. All of us, we are so broken. We got so much pain we have to give. We have to learn to live with imperfection If we choose at all to live. I dreamt I met you in the future. A thousand lifetimes away. You asked if I was finally ready. You said you always knew we'd find a way.
I gave you my heart for the taking I gave you my hand for to hold I gave you my shoulder for the burden I gave you my arms for the cold I gave you my name for the whispering I gave you my body for to please I gave you my mouth for the tasting I gave you my eyes for to see I gave you my eyes for to see I gave you my fear for the garden I gave you my pain for the roots I gave you my jealousy for burying I gave you my weakness for fruit I gave you my anger for fire I gave you my tears for to bathe I gave you my pettiness for punishing I gave you my crimes for to save I gave you my crimes for to save Ooooh, you gave me this I gave you my blood for the color I gave you my bones for to pound I gave you my pulse for the rhythm I gave you my music for sound I gave you my spirit for uniting I gave you my hope for all days I gave you my time for the wasting I gave you my love for to waste I gave you my love for to waste


released December 3, 2019

All Songs by Scott Pinkmountain

Gene V. Baker – electric piano, Hammond organ, back up vocals
Jorden Glenn – drums
Chris Grady – trumpet
Scott Pinkmountain – guitar, lead vocals
Nehemiah St. Danger – bass, back up vocals
Carolyn Walter – saxophones
Cory Wright – saxophones

Recoded by the band, April 25/26, 2009 to ¼ inch tape in Oakland, CA
Mixed and mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha, Oakland, CA
Artwork by Jenny Herbinson


all rights reserved



Scott Pinkmountain California

Scott Pinkmountain (aka Scott Rosenberg) is an American musician and a writer. Over the past 20 years, he has recorded and performed extensively in the U.S. and Europe with many excellent musicians including Anthony Braxton, Jacopo Andreini, Gino Robair, Sam Coomes, Arrington Di Dionyso, Phil Minton, Jaap Blonk, Pauline Oliveros, Tim Daisy, Nate Wooley, and others. ... more

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